You are welcome on the woodworking enterprise website - ┬źEVROEXIM Company┬╗. We produce high-quality saw-timbers practically of any complication of sawcut, firewoods for fireplace and also firewoods for kindle.

We work at the woodwork industry since year 2003. A basic type of our enterprise activity is the primary processing of wood: hardwood (beech, oak, hornbeam) and conifer (whitewood) of ecologically clean Transcarpatian region. There is a modern woodworking machinery mounted in our enteprise, made by the world leader in the sphere of production of woodworking machine - tools called Wood-Mizer.

Our oversea partners are various companies of Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Poland.

We still continue to develop, realize new projects, master the production of new products. Besides, in the near future we are planning to start a line of briquette production from sawdusts and straw planned.

We will be glad to see you as our partners. We hope on mutually beneficial collaboration.

Best regards,
Eugen Sofilkanich,